Now the small and medium-sized companies can offer their employees the same benefits as the large ones!

Does your company have only 10 employees? 10, 100 or 1000, for us all the teams are just as important and deserve to have the same employee benefits. Contact us to get our exceptional offer for your exceptional people!

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We bring all the fun and relaxing activities, while you give access to your employees at the largest playground in Romania!

With 7card, you’re sure to make your colleagues:


Happier and more relaxed at work after spending an hour in the morning at the gym or at yoga, in the evening

Stay more with you as people are attracted in companies that are thinking about their needs

Bring more energy at work after re-energizing themselves in their free time

Better prepared in working as a team

Not sure yet what 7card is?!

7card is an exclusive service created with companies in mind so that they use it as a very attractive employee benefit, regardless of the company’s size. We think of it as rewarding your employees.

For your employees, 7card is a unique monthly subscription that gives them daily access to the entire 7card network of more than 650 centres in 55 cities and to dozens of different sport & relax activities, from gym, fitness and swimming pools to climbing, dances, squash and so much more.

It’s super easy to work with us!

See how!


Determine your contribution level and the number of subscribers in your company

You can choose from a partial contribution (the company pays a minimum of 25% of the monthly subscription price and the employee pays the rest) up to a full contribution.

Based on the number of active subscribers and the company’s contribution, we offer additional price rebates, or a package of extra free subscription benefits (7card insurance, free trials for the employees).


Set the start date, discuss and agree on the contract


Start! You have our full support throughout our collaboration

We have automated tools that you can use to manage the benefit without any additional costs, but more importantly, we have a great team who can help you throughout our collaboration: a dedicated account manager for your company, as well as a call center where your employees will find support

Are you ready to have happy employees?

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They talk about us

“How climbing sounds on a Tuesday morning, after office? Or do you prefer to relax by the pool? With so many activities to explore and so many experiences to live, people have the opportunity to try something new every day. So why not start today with 7card movement?”

Business Review

“The largest corporate subscription provider for sports and wellness in Romania. The perfect option for those who do not want to join a single provider of sports and / or wellness services, having the freedom to enter any of the 7card affiliated centers.”

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