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Chat support

The Chat is available in the 7card application.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I use 7card?
  • Activate / Reactivate / Deactivate
  • On how many devices can 7card be used?
  • Things made easier: Automatic Payment
  • Details about my subscription


Any type of 7card by Gympass membership is a nominal membership and can only be used by its holder.

All details about the use of 7card services are available in the Regulations.

Access with 7card by Gympass subscriptions

7card by Gympass gives you access to dozens of relax&sports activities, in a network of over 500+ top centers: once a day, on any day of the month you want. See here the prices of the 5 7card subscription plans – READY, STEADY, GO!, EXPLORE, EXPLORE PLUS – and the Sports Centers assigned to each plan.

To access centers in the 7card network:
1. Open the 7card application when you arrive at the center’s reception
2. Scan the generated code on the phone screen

7card by Gympass subscription types

Depending on the agreement signed with the company that offers you 7card by Gympass, you have access from one to all subscription plans. Each of the plans includes Digital 7card – access to premium wellbeing apps and 7card@Home VIDEOS workouts.

The 5 7card by Gympass subscription plans, with 7card Digital included, are:
→   READY: access to READY centers 1 time/day
→   STEADY: access to READY, STEADY centers 1 time/day
→   GO!: access to READY, STEADY and GO! 1 time/day
→   EXPLORE: access to READY, STEADY, GO! and EXPLORE 1 time/day
→   EXPLORE PLUS: access to READY, STEADY, GO!, EXPLORE and EXPLORE PLUS centers 1 time/day

See list prices here

7card Application

In order to have access to the relaxation & sports centres from the 7card network, but also to the 7card @ Home online content, you need the 7card application.

7card Full

Sports Centres: see info about the centres in your city & activities you can do
7card@Home: access LIVE classes and on-demand VIDEO recordings
Messages: see News from 7card
Menu: Info & Subscription Settings
See all you can do with the 7card application!

You can Activate/Reactivate/Deactivate your 7card by Gympass subscription directly from the application.


1. Get your 7card application from: App Store Play Store AppGallery

2. Follow the registration steps in the application

Check with HR (or the person responsible for employee benefits in your company) the conditions for activating the 7card subscription:
– company password
– in some companies, registration is done directly through HR, not through the app
– is the activation of the subscription done on 1/15 of the month or at any time?


1. Enter the 7card application in the Menu -> My Subscription section 2. Press the REACTIVATE button

If the REACTIVATE button is not active, check if:
– you’ve paid all your past due invoices
– reactivating 7card is done directly through HR (or the person responsible for employee benefits in your company) and not through the application?


The 7card subscription works like any other subscription you are used to (for example, your mobile subscription). If you don’t want to pay for it anymore, all you have to do is turn it off.

In the 7card application, you will find the Deactivate button, which you can use if you no longer want to use the 7card subscription. Once you press this button, your subscription will be active until the last paid day, and then it will be deactivated.

In some companies, deactivating 7card is done directly through the HR/person responsible for employee benefits. In this case, the Deactivate button is not active in the application.

You can only be connected to the 7card application from one mobile phone

If you connect to the 7card application on a new mobile phone, you will be automatically disconnected from the mobile device (mobile phone/tablet) you were previously connected to. If you want to go back to the device you used before, you will have to contact Customer Relations.

7card @ Home is available on mobile, laptop, smart TV

When you want to participate in the VIDEO 7card@Home trainings from your mobile, go the 7card app -> the Digital section and watch them directly from your mobile.

If you want to watch the VIDEOS 7card@Home workouts on larger screens: go to the desired video and select what you want to Share on: laptop or smart TV. View details.

Automatic Payment

A solution that helps you pay your subscription on time, without the need to remind yourself: activate your Automatic Payment!

It only takes 10 seconds. In the 7card app, go to the Menu -> My Profile -> My Subscription -> Enable Automatic Payment section

See how you can set your Automatic Payment!

In the 7card application, Menu section, you will find absolutely all the information about your 7card subscription

Subscription status and when it is renewed
Invoices & Payment settings, including recurring payment
– Add Friends and manage their subscriptions
– Marketing communications and offers settings
24/24 virtual assistance and Chat with the Customer Relations department
See info

See: How to stay safe while you keep exercising!

Hit Play to learn how to stay safe while you keep exercising!

#1 As soon as you enter the facility you will notice that the owners have taken all the necessary measures so that you can train safely. Do your part and keep the recommended distance – 1,5 m.

#2 You need to show the Green Pass in order to access the facility. Personnel at the reception will scan your Green Pass. For more details, see Safety Measures (Incidence rate 3-6 cases per 1000 people and Incidence rate over 6 cases per 1000 people) in the FAQs section.

#3 You have all the space you need to feel safe! Facilities will limit access to 50% of their allowed capacity, this means you have twice as much space for yourself!

#4 You have at your disposal disinfectants that you can use before and after you use the equipment, for your hands and for the equipment!

#5 Before you walk out refreshed and head for home you can safely use the changing and shower rooms. Here too, you will have at your disposal disinfectants.

Incidence rate 3-6 cases per 1000 people

Update: 16th of September 2021

Access to swimming pools in cities where the cumulative 14 days incidence rate is between 3 and 6 cases per 1000 people, and access to sports/fitness venues in cities where the cumulative 14 days incidence is between 4 and 6 cases per 1000 people, is permitted based on the Green Certificate (EU Digital COVID Certificate).

The Green Certificate attests that the holder of the certificate:

✅   Has been vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 and that 10 (ten) days have passed since the completion of the vaccination scheme;

✅   Presents a negative result of a RT-PCR test performed with no more than 72 hours before or a negative result of an antigen test performed with no more than 48 hours before;

✅   Has recovered from SARS-CoV-2 and is currently between the 15th and the 180th day from the date of infection.

👉   Up to 50% of the maximum venue capacity can be used, in the case of sports/fitness venues a minimum of 7 square meters must be secured for each person.

👉   The representatives of the sports/fitness venues and of the venues offering swimming pools take responsibility and have the obligation to scan the QR code of the EU Digital COVID Certificate, through the mobile application Check DCC in order to verify the authenticity, validity, and integrity of the certificate without retaining any other type of data or information from the verified certificate.

For details, see Government Decision (RO) and Green Certificate (RO).

We know how important movement is for staying fit – body and mind!
Regardless of how you choose to keep moving during these times – at the sports club, at home or outside – keep yourself and the people around you safe!

Incidence rate over 6 cases per 1000 people

Update: 1st of October 2021

According to the Government Decision of September 30, 2021 on measures taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in areas where where the cumulative 14 days incidence rate exceeds 6/1000 inhabitants, access to gyms / fitness venues and pools will be possible only:

✅   Between 5:00 – 24:00, with the participation of people up to 50% of the maximum capacity of the space, if all participants are vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 virus and for whom 10 days have passed since the completion of the complete scheme of vaccination, or participants that have recovered from SARS-CoV-2 and are currently between the 15th and the 180th day from the date of infection.

✅   Access by those with a negative test is not permitted, whether it is PCR or rapid antigen testing

👉   Access will be based on the Green Certificate (the European Union’s digital certificate for Covid-19), which certifies whether a person is vaccinated or has recovered from the disease.

👉   The representatives of gyms / fitness and swimming pools are responsible for and have the obligation to scan the QR code on the EU digital certificate on COVID-19, through the mobile application Check DCC, and to verify the authenticity, validity and integrity of the certificate, without withholding any data or information from the verified certificate.

See more details about the Government Decision (RO) and about the Green Certificate (RO).

Where do I find the list of discount partners?

By default, the 7card website and app show you the list of gyms and sports activities, but you can change it by using the filtering option and selecting the discount partner list.

How can I benefit from discounts from affiliated partners?

To receive discounts, you have to show your card or app at the gym’s desk and you will receive the discount on the spot. There are no restrictions on the discounts to be received in one day/week/month/etc.

List of terms

Subscription = the service offered by 7card based on the contract with your employer
Active = subscription status which enables it to be used at the current time
Co-payment = an additional fee (besides the subscription price) which the 7card subscriber pays in order to access the desired activities at gyms
QR code = a code generated by the 7card mobile app, which has to be scanned at the gym’s desk to gain access to that gym
Gym device = a device owned by 7card, available at the gym’s desk, where the app-generated QR code or the card are scanned in order to confirm the subscription’s validity
Deactivated = subscription status which does not allow the service to be used at the current time
Registration form = a printed form found at the gym’s desk and which can be filled out by the subscriber (name, subscription series, date and signature) if the 7card IT system is non-operational
Companion = person enrolled into the program by another employee owning a 7card
Activation pending = subscription status which will enable it to be used at a future time, but not at the current time
Deactivation pending = subscription status which enables it to be used at the current time, but only until the end of the paid period, when the service will become non-operational
Program = refers to the services provided by 7card
Reactivation = process whereby an existing subscription will be usable at a certain time
= describes the 7card subscription which is automatically renewed each month, until deactivated by the user
= describes a payment setting whereby the subscription amount is automatically charged to the customer’s bank card, at the invoice due date
Settlement = the invoice issued in order to bring a recently enrolled companion to the same invoice date as the employee
Suspension = payment not made on the invoice due date, which suspends the subscription until a payment is confirmed
User = 7card subscriber

Unauthorized device

Your account may be accessed from a single device; if you have already logged-in on another phone, you should use that phone to gain access to gyms; if you want to change your phone that you use to go the gym, you have to email us at

Same day visit

You may only use your subscription once a day, i.e. one session a day, in one gym; this error may also be displayed if you scan the QR code for a longer time

Incorrect scan type

The authentication method used is incorrect; if you tried to scan your card, it means you have to use the 7card app to generate the QR code to gain access to the gym

Incorrect scan timestamp

The time on your phone is not the same as the 7card device’s time; to solve the error, your phone time should be set to Automatic