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Can I borrow my card or give my account data to a friend?

No! Your subscription is in your name only and may not be used by anyone else. See more details in the Rules.

Can I change my work e-mail with a personal e-mail?

We need your work e-mail in order confirm, at each invoicing, that you are still eligible for this service. If you leave your company that you worked for at the time of taking the subscription, the card will be deactivated.

If the subscription went unused for a while, could I recover the money paid or days unused?

The 7card subscription is not invoiced based on the number of days used, so we are unable to reimburse you for unused periods or extend the subscription with the unused days. If something comes up, you can deactivate your subscription beginning with the next month, than can reactivate at a time of your choice.

How many times can I use the 7card subscription in one day?

You may only use your subscription once a day, i.e. one session a day, in one centre.

How can I convince my company to offer this benefit to its employees?

This is very simple. You will have to introduce us with the representatives of your company. Fill out the I want 7card section on our website or tell your co-workers and managers about the 7card program.

How do I subscribe?

Depending on the company your work for, there may be many ways to apply for a subscription: look up the company you work for and see how easy it is to relax and exercise with 7card.

Can a natural person become a 7card user?

Let’s see! Our program is exclusively intended for companies and their employees. But if you put us in touch with a benefits manager in your company, we promise to send them a cooperation offer. Alternatively, you may become a Companion for someone who already has a 7card. Read the “Companions” section below, there may be a solution for you!

When do I start using the 7card subscription?

If the company you work for pays the entire amount of your subscription or part of it, then you will be able to go to leisure and sports centres in the 7card network starting on the next 1st or 15th day of the month, depending on the date set by the company and listed in the internal communication your company received from 7card.
If you enrol on the 7card website and you pay your subscription yourself, you can choose the activation date when filling out the enrolment form.

How do I open an account?

Your account is automatically created when you enrol. To log in, you have to use the username and password received by e-mail (tip: the username is the e-mail address you enrolled with).

Can my companion open an account?

Of course. They were also e-mailed (at the enrolling e-mail address) the access data for their account.

Can I still use my 7card subscription if I changed employment?

The subscription will remain valid for the period already paid for, then it will be deactivated. To continue, you will have to re-enrol for the new company (if it cooperates with us), by using the new e-mail address provided by the new employer.

How do I activate a previous subscription?

It depends on how we cooperate with the company you work for. You can activate it directly from your user account. If this option is not available in your account, then you should talk with your HR about reactivating your subscription. In any case, a new enrolment is not required. You will use the old account.

What if I forgot or lost my password?

The password can be set/reset directly from the application, by using your username (e-mail address) and selecting the password generation option, or on the website: www.7card.ro, My Account tab and I Forgot My Password.

How do I deactivate my subscription?

It depends on how we cooperate with the company you work for. If this option is not available in your account, then you should talk with your HR about cancelling your subscription.

How do I use the 7card services?

After registering, the next step is to install the 7card app on your mobile – you will use it to access the network by scanning the app-generated QR code at the gym’s desk.

Where do I download the application?

The 7card application can be downloaded from App Store (for iPhone) or Google Play (for Android) (it’s the orange icon!) 😉

How do I log-in?

To log in, you have to use the username (the e-mail address you enrolled with) and the password received by e-mail. If you forgot your password or lost the Account Activation e-mail sent by 7card, your password can be set/reset directly from the application, by using your username and selecting the password generation option or on the website: www.7card.ro, the My Account tab, and I Forgot My Password.

How do I get access to the 7card approved centres?

After you log in into the application, on the first page (map tab), you will find the ACCESS button (orange button on the lower left side of the screen). By selecting ACCESS you will generate a QR code you will have to scan on the device at the gym’s desk.

How do I use the 7card application without mobile data on my phone?

Once logged into the application, it can generate QR codes without being connected to the Internet. However, you can’t log into the application without an Internet connection, so you will have to have access to your phone’s data connection or a wifi network in the first stage, then you will remain logged on. Therefore, you need Internet to log on the first time, but not when generating and scanning the QR code.

Can I install the app on multiple devices?

The 7card app, yes, but using access without the account. However, you can’t log in on multiple devices. You will therefore have access on the phone of the first log-in.

Once registered, when do I receive the card?

If you are not up with the news, you will expect to be delivered a card in order to access leisure and sports activities with 7card, but this is no longer the case. The network centres can be now accessed with the 7card app, because plastic card are no longer issued.

My card is lost or damaged, how do I access the gym?

We understand! We don’t like it either when something is lost or broken… if you no longer have the use of your card, it is time to go next level: the 7card mobile app! We remind you than physical cards are no longer issued.

Do I have to pick a gym or do I have access to the entire network?

Flexibility is one of the values we believe in, therefore 7card will give you access to any of the network gyms when you wish to exercise. Maybe one day it’s fitness close to office, another day it’s a class of Kangoo Jumps close to home, and the third day it’s a tennis match. The options are endless and the choice is YOURS!

What is the co-payment?

In most cases there is no need for co-payment, in others yes. The co-payment is an additional fee (besides the subscription price) which the subscriber pays at certain gyms from the network. The co-payment may be paid to access all or merely one of the activities at a certain gym. When co-payment applies, details thereof are mentioned in the Remarks field from the gym’s webpage.

How do you use 7card for tennis, squash, padel or padbol?

From the total cost of renting the squash, tennis, padel or padbol field, deduct 15 lei (in Bucharest) or 10 lei (in other cities) for each 7card shown at the gym’s desk. One 7card can be used only once (for one rental hour) in one day. The value of the 7card subscriptions presented will be accrued, hence the final price per hour will be considerably lower.

What can I do if the gym I usually go to is not part of the 7card network?

We want to provide you with the best choice of activities and gyms. Therefore, if you prefer a certain gym, tell us about it at 7card@benefitseven.ro, and we will try to include it in our future offers.

How much does it cost and how do I pay for the 7card subscription?

The paid amount and payment method differ from one case to another, according to the contract between your employer and 7card. In some cases, the employer will pay for this benefit in full or in part. If you have to pay a part, the payment can be made monthly, bi-annually or annually, directly to us or via your employer.
There are several payment methods available to you:
– directly from your 7card account, using the on-line payment platform (this is the preferred payment method);
– by transfer from your banking account to our account as shown on the invoice, via your on-line banking service;
– cash at all domestic banks, in the account written on the invoice (be aware of the banking fees, which are not incurred by 7card).
P.S.: For advance payments for the 6 or 12 month 7card subscriptions, you may choose to pay in several instalments + other nice surprises!

When is the subscription fee due?

On the first month of the subscription, you will have 7 days to pay the invoice, starting from the invoice receipt day. Then, the payment will be always done in advance, the due date being the first day from the new subscription month.

What is a settlement invoice?

Such an invoice is issued when you registered a companion with an active subscription starting from another date than when you started your monthly subscription. By this settlement, that subscription will be invoiced on the same day as your subscription, starting from the following month.

What happens if my companion fails to pay their invoice in due time?

The invoice for the companion is issued in your name, and the payment obligation is yours, not theirs. If the invoice becomes outstanding, all subscriptions in your account will be suspended until the outstanding amount is settled, and the days you couldn’t go to the gym will not be recoverable. We need you to meet the payment deadline so that we can meet our commitment to you, your co-workers and our collaborators :).

How do I activate the automatic/recurrent subscription payment?

To activate the recurrent payment option, you have to make a first manual payment, so the payment platform remembers your payment data. After you click on Payment on your account, you have to choose the recurrent payment option, then complete the payment procedure. Beginning with the next invoice, the amount will be automatically deducted from your account on the due date.

How do I change the card details for the recurrent payment?

Bank cards expire, are lost, destroyed, so there is every chance you will need at some point to change the card for your subscription. For this to happen, you need to wait for a new invoice, then cancel the recurrent payment option in your account, then make a new manual payment by inserting the new card details.

How do I deactivate the recurrent payment?

If you activated a recurrent payment, i.e. you opted to have your card automatically charged on each invoice, you can deactivate this option straight from your account, on the desktop or mobile app version. Be careful, deactivating the recurrent payment means you will have to make a new manual payment to continue with your subscription. You cancelled a payment method, not the subscription itself.

What is a suspended subscription?

The subscription is suspended and may no longer be used if not paid on time. To use the 7card services again, you have to make the payment as soon as possible. The suspension is lifted when the payment is confirmed. The days when you couldn’t use your subscription due to late payment will not be recoverable.

How is a companion subscription different from an employee subscription?

The companion is a person who is not employed by a company that works with us, and who otherwise will not be able to get a subscription because we don’t work with individuals, remember? 🙂 They are enrolled by the employee and get the same services as the former. If, however, the employee withdraws from the program, the companion’s subscription will be also deactivated when the paid period expires. And no, you will not have to drag the companion with you, they can go to whatever activities or gyms they wish.

How do I enrol a companion with 7card?

With a 7card subscription, you can offer access to 7card to other two friends.
When you open the 7card, you have to option of also bringing companions. Depending on the contract concluded with your employer, companions can be enrolled by one of the following methods: directly to HR or once with your registration, with the registration link that you access to open a 7card, by checking the option “I want to enrol a companion” and filling out the required data.
If you already have a 7card, the companion can be enrolled directly from your account, on mobile or desktop, from the My Account tab. If this option is not available, it means they can be enrolled directly by your HR department.

How can the companion open an account?

In order to use the 7card, your companion has to download the 7card app. Immediately after you enrolled them in the program, they will be e-mailed the account details to be used as log-on data.

How is the companion invoiced?

The companion’s subscription will be invoiced directly to the registering employee (on the employee’s name) and on the same invoice as the main subscription. The payment obligation falls on the employee.

What happens if my companion fails to pay their invoice in due time?

The invoice for the companion is issued in your name, and the payment obligation is yours, not theirs. If the invoice becomes outstanding, all subscriptions in your account will be suspended until the outstanding amount is settled, and the days you couldn’t go to the gym will not be recoverable. Not that we want to seem tough, but we need you to meet the payment deadline so that we can successfully meet our commitment to you and our collaborators :).

If I withdraw from the program, will my companion be able to carry on?

We could not find a good reason for you to give up the subscription, but if you still want to do it, be aware your companion may not carry on after the paid period ends. Without you, there will be no one to accompany :(.

Where do I find the list of discount partners?

By default, the 7card website and app show you the list of gyms and sports activities, but you can change it by using the filtering option and selecting the discount partner list.

How can I benefit from discounts from affiliated partners?

To receive discounts, you have to show your card or app at the gym’s desk and you will receive the discount on the spot. There are no restrictions on the discounts to be received in one day/week/month/etc.

List of terms

Subscription = the service offered by 7card based on the contract with your employer
Active = subscription status which enables it to be used at the current time
Co-payment = an additional fee (besides the subscription price) which the 7card subscriber pays in order to access the desired activities at gyms
QR code = a code generated by the 7card mobile app, which has to be scanned at the gym’s desk to gain access to that gym
Gym device = a device owned by 7card, available at the gym’s desk, where the app-generated QR code or the card are scanned in order to confirm the subscription’s validity
Deactivated = subscription status which does not allow the service to be used at the current time
Registration form = a printed form found at the gym’s desk and which can be filled out by the subscriber (name, subscription series, date and signature) if the 7card IT system is non-operational
Companion = person enrolled into the program by another employee owning a 7card
Activation pending = subscription status which will enable it to be used at a future time, but not at the current time
Deactivation pending = subscription status which enables it to be used at the current time, but only until the end of the paid period, when the service will become non-operational
Program = refers to the services provided by 7card
Reactivation = process whereby an existing subscription will be usable at a certain time
= describes the 7card subscription which is automatically renewed each month, until deactivated by the user
= describes a payment setting whereby the subscription amount is automatically charged to the customer’s bank card, at the invoice due date
Settlement = the invoice issued in order to bring a recently enrolled companion to the same invoice date as the employee
Suspension = payment not made on the invoice due date, which suspends the subscription until a payment is confirmed
User = 7card subscriber

Unauthorized device

Your account may be accessed from a single device; if you have already logged-in on another phone, you should use that phone to gain access to gyms; if you want to change your phone that you use to go the gym, you have to email us at 7card@benefitseven.ro

Same day visit

You may only use your subscription once a day, i.e. one session a day, in one gym; this error may also be displayed if you scan the QR code for a longer time

Incorrect scan type

The authentication method used is incorrect; if you tried to scan your card, it means you have to use the 7card app to generate the QR code to gain access to the gym

Incorrect scan timestamp

The time on your phone is not the same as the 7card device’s time; to solve the error, your phone time should be set to Automatic