Feeling good means more than “going to the gym”. And, with 7card Digital, everything you need for your wellbeing is just a click away.

It’s easier to feel good when you have access to premium Body and Mind Fitness, Nutrition and Healthy Habit apps 😉

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Your future favourite workouts online with super top trainers.

You can find solutions to get rid of your anxiety, reduce stress and sleep better.

Talks with a nutritionist, meal plans that are right for you, recipes and shopping lists for healthy meals.

Do you want to build healthy habits into your life? Smart decision! 😉 We have just the solutions you need!

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+ Online training with top trainers in Romania

Ca să-ți ții copiii ocupați, când tu vrei să faci antrenamente. (Cu plăcere!) Asta dacă nu vor și ei să țopăie cu tine. Sau poate… tu ai chef de colorat?

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Fat Burn

Looking for intense workouts online? Look for Fat Burn in the VIDEOS section of the 7card app.


When you can't make it to the gym, keep in shape at home with Toning 7card@Home workouts.

Stress Relief

Yoga, Pilates, postural and dance workouts to do whenever you feel the need to relax.

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Vodafone Happy

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Questions and Answers

Digital 7card is a unique product in Romania that offers you premium access to 4 content categories: Body Fitness, Mind Fitness, Nutrition and Healthy Habit Building. Digital 7card is included in all types of 7card by Gympass subscriptions, so you can have access to a complete solution for your wellbeing. If you want to exercise and relax anywhere, including from the comfort of your own home, meditate, eat healthier, then Digital 7card is the right option for you.

You can access Digital 7card regardless of your training plan. When you enter the 7card application, you will notice that there is also a Digital button. With one click on this button, you will enter the Digital section, where you can find hundreds of VIDEO workouts with top Romanian trainers (7card@Home workouts) + access to premium wellbeing apps (Body and Mind Fitness, Nutrition, Healthy Habit Building).

Whether you want to train or relax from home or add more to your training in the relax&sports centers through nutrition and healthy habit building, Digital 7card can help you. Digital 7card is included in any type of subscription and you don’t have to pay extra for it. What’s more: You get premium access to internationally acclaimed wellbeing apps without having to pay separate subscriptions for them.