Conditions of Use

1. The 7card subscription is a nominal subscription and may not be used by other people than the subscription holder. Part of the data provided to 7card by the subscription holder – first name, last name, email, job location – is checked with the person responsible for employee benefits for employees of the company or client institution. If the person in question is not an employee of the 7card client company, 7card reserves the right to immediately cancel the subscription created by the person who did not have this right.

2. In order to benefit from the services available at gyms/sports clubs/partner entities, 7card subscribers must produce their 7card Subscription and their identity card each time and
perform the authentication using the electronic tablet located at the reception of the partner entity or sign the 7card subscribers’ visitor registration form, as applicable.

3. Users of the subscriptions can access centers in the national 7card network, as well as partner digital applications, differently, depending on the type of subscription chosen and paid for. For clarity: each plan or type of subscription chosen gives the user access only to the centers and digital partner applications that are indicated as such (both on the 7card mobile application and on the 7card website), as well as to the centers and digital partner applications that are part of subscription types lower than the chosen subscription type. Users of subscriptions may opt to change their subscription plan as follows: a) upgrade to a subscription plan higher than the current one – the upgrade is done from the mobile application and is applicable from the next working day (other conditions agreed with the employer company will prevail) or b) downgrade to a subscription type lower than the current one – possible only at the end of the period for which the current subscription was paid.

4. The employee (considered the subscriber-holder) is responsible for the behaviour of the companion (also referred to as Friend) and is obliged to inform him/her about the terms of use of the subscription. The employee is also responsible for choosing for the friend the subscription type that the Friend wishes to use. An employee whose own subscription is inactive cannot register a companion in the programme or reactivate the subscription. The invoicing of the companion subscription is done according to the choice made by the 7card subscriber employee, as follows: 1) in the name of the employee to whom it belongs, in which case the subscriptions are activated when the invoice is paid in full, or 2) separately, in the name of the companion, and the companion subscription is activated when the invoice is paid in full. If there are other contractual terms regarding the invoicing of companions, established between the offering company and 7card, these rules will prevail, less the one regarding the payment of invoices in full.

5. The subscriber has the right to only one use of the subscription per day, i.e. one-time access and one session per day, at a single partner entity, whether this entity is a physical centre or a partner digital application.

6. Paid and ongoing subscriptions may not be interrupted, suspended or cancelled by the subscriber during the validity period; likewise, it is not possible to request the return of the value of any part of the already paid and activated subscription.

7. 7card employees and employees of our partners are authorized to check the 7card subscription and the identity document and deny the subscriber access to the partner centre or the partner digital application if it is used by another person or for purposes other than the one for which it was created or if these Terms of Use are violated.

8. The 7card subscriber is obliged to comply with the Regulations of the gym/club/partner entity where they are, as well as the terms and conditions of use of the partner digital applications.

9. Selling of 7card subscriptions or any other form of distribution without the consent of Benefit Seven S.R.L. is prohibited and subject to legal action.

10. The registration of a new mobile phone number on which the 7card mobile application will be installed and used can only be done through the 7card Customer Relations service which can be contacted by email at 7card@benefitseven.ro or through the chat service in the 7card application.

11. 7card is not responsible for the changes made by partner entities to the programme, location and/or activities provided, respectively the conditions for providing the activities. Likewise, 7card may decide at its discretion to change subscription prices, the allocation of partner entities to each type of subscription or tariff plan, but these changes will be notified to users at least 30 calendar days before the date of their effective application. As an exception to these provisions, the price reductions or allocations of some partner entities from higher tariff plans to lower tariff plans may be applied from the date and for the period mentioned in the communication sent by 7card to the users.

12. In the event of any violations of these Regulations by the subscriber, 7card reserves the right to take proportionate actions to correct the situation, which may go as far as deactivating the subscription. As an exception to the measures above, 7card will proceed directly to the immediate deactivation of the subscriptions if they were obtained fraudulently by persons who are not employees of the respective companies, or by owners or employees of the partner entities in the 7card network or their agents.

13. The 7card subscription is automatically extended at the end of the validity period, for another period, if the user has not voluntarily deactivated it. The 7card subscription can be deactivated by the User as follows:
a. directly from the 7card mobile application, in case of registration on a page dedicated to the company
b. through the employer – notifying the person responsible for offering the 7card benefit to the company’s employees, in case of registration on the list
c. exceptionally by sending an email to the address to 7card@benefitseven.ro at least 10 working days before the start date of the subscription for the following period.
Other exceptional situations regarding the deactivation of subscriptions may be invoked by users and 7card a) will consider them if the requests are received at the address 7card@benefitseven.ro no more than 60 calendar days from the end date of the subscription and b) will decide at its discretion on the measure to be taken.

14. Benefit Seven reserves the right to select its customers and may refuse to offer services to certain persons without further explanation, especially if those persons fraudulently use or have used, or are suspected of fraudulently using the 7card subscription.

15. If the 7card subscriptions cannot be used by users for reasons beyond their control (such as temporary unavailability of the service, as a result of technical faults or regulations of central or local authorities), 7card will decide, as appropriate, to extend the subscription for a period equal to the period in which the service could not be used or to offer a discount calculated in proportion to the subscription value for the duration of the unavailability of the service – in this case, that discount will be applied to the value of the next invoice.

Details regarding the processing of personal data related to the subscriber’s participation in the 7card Programme can be found in the Privacy Policy, available on www.7card.ro, in the 7card mobile application and in the 7card platform.

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