Conditions of Use

1. The 7card subscription is nominal and may not be used by other persons, except the subscription holder. Some of the data provided to 7card by the subscription holder – first and last name, email address, place of business – shall be verified together with the person responsible for offering benefits to company employees or to the client institution. If the person concerned is not an employee of the 7card client company, 7card reserves the right to immediately cancel the subscription created by the person who did not have such right, without partial or full reimbursement of the amounts already paid.

2. In order to benefit from services available in the partner sports centers/clubs/entities, 7card subscribers must present the 7card Subscription and the identity card each time and perform the authentication using the electronic device at the reception of the partner entity or sign the 7card Subscriber Attendance Records, as appropriate.

3. The users of the subscriptions paid with price for Bucharest can access all the centers from the 7card national network on the Romanian territory. Users of paid subscriptions with a price valid for any city other than Bucharest, therefore pay a differentiated / reduced subscription price compared to the price for Bucharest, can only access the centers in the city where they signed up as 7card subscribers or from other cities besides Bucharest. If a subscription paid with a price valid in cities other than Bucharest is used in Bucharest, the subscriber will have to pay the difference for the period in which he used the subscription in Bucharest and not in the city where he declared that he will use 7card.

4. The employee is responsible for the behaviour of his/her companion (also called Friend) and must inform the companion about the conditions of use of the subscription. The companion subscription cannot be reactivated if the employee to whom it belongs does not have an active subscription. An inactive employee cannot enroll a companion in the program. The billing of the companion’s subscription shall be made at the choice of the 7card subscriber employee, as follows: on behalf of the employee, with the invoice being paid in full, or on behalf of the companion, with the invoice being paid in full. In case of special contractual provisions regarding the billing of companions, established between the company offering the employee the 7card subscription and SC Benefit Seven SA, the billing of companions shall be made in accordance therewith.

5. The subscriber has the right to one use of the subscription per day, namely to one session per day, with a single partner entity.

6. Subscriptions may not be interrupted or suspended during the validity period.

7. Benefit Seven S.A. employees and our partners’ employees are authorised to verify the 7card subscription and the identity card and to withhold the subscription if it is used for purposes other than the one for which it is intended or in case of breach of these Rules of use.

8. The 7card subscriber must comply with the Regulations of the sports centers/club/entity which he/she attends.

9. The selling of 7card subscriptions or any other form of distribution without the consent of Benefit Seven S.A. is prohibited and is liable to legal action.

10. The loss, theft or destruction of the 7card subscription in physical format (plastic card) must be reported to the email address, the cost of issuing a duplicate card being 20 lei (VAT included).

11. BenefitSevenS.A.isnotresponsibleforanychangesmadebypartnerentities(sportscenters) to the program, location and/or the activities performed, respectively the conditions of performance thereof.

12. The7cardsubscriptionisthepropertyofBenefitSevenS.A.,whichreservestherightto deactivate the subscription in case of breach of these Rules by the subscriber.

13. The 7card subscription can be deactivated

  • a. directly from the 7card mobile application, in case of registration on a company- dedicated page
  • b. via the employer – announcing the person responsible for offering the 7card benefit to company employees, in case of list registration
  • c. exceptionally by sending an email to the address at least 10 working days before the subscription start date for the next period.

14. Subscribers who choose to withdraw from the Program are not entitled to request the return of the payment already made to Benefit Seven S.A.

15. Benefit Seven reserves the right to select its customers and may refuse to provide services to certain persons without further explanation, especially if those persons use or have fraudulently used the 7card subscription or are suspected of doing so.

16. If the Romanian authorities decide to close the relaxation and sports centers in certain areas of Romania, the 7card subscriptions of the subscribers affected by this measure will be automatically extended by the number of days corresponding to the period in which the centers are closed. If the subscription is used during the period referred to above in another area of Romania where the relaxation and sports centers are open, then the subscription will not be prolonged. Subsequently, subscriptions cannot be suspended or stopped.

Details on the processing of personal data related to the subscriber’s participation in the 7card Program are shown in the Information Note on the Processing of Personal Data – the 7card Program -, available on, in the 7card application and on the 7card platform.

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